Roundup of violence in Iraq - 4 December

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

BAGHDAD according of the manager of DIJLA radio the correspondent of DIJLA radio NABEEL IBRAHEEM was assassinated today at 7 o'clock morning by nknown gunmen when he was leaving his house to go to work in AL WASHASH area near MANSOUR . at 2 o'clock this afternoon an IED exploded in dora area southern Baghdad, one child was killed and 2 civilians were injured. today 50 bodies were found in Baghdad , some were tortured and handcuffed , 1 was found in al washash, 2 in shoala, 1 adil, 3 in hurriyah, 4 bayaa, 1 saha, 1 haifa street, 1 qadisiah, 1 saidiyah, 5 ghazaliyah, 3 dora, 3 yarmouk, 1 muthana airport highway, 1 rahmaniyah, 1 iskan, 1 uasalat, 5 sadr city, 3 shaab, 2 new Baghdad, 2 aour, 2 kamaliyah, 1 zayuna, 1 baladiat, 2 habibiyah and 2 ameriyah. DIYALA province according to the coordination centre in diyala province in BALADROOS area 45km east of baqouba an IED exploded this afternoon inside a civilian car and 6 passengers were inside the car, 4 of them were killed and 2 others were injured.

the same source said that one man and his wife were killed by unknown gunmen at the outskirts of AL KHALIS area 15km north baqouba and unknown gunmen assassinated 3 agricultural engineers, professors at the university of agriculture at diyala university .