Roundup of violence in Iraq - 5 December


at 8 o'clock this morning a mini bus with an employees from the sheaat endowment were going to their work in selekh area north east Baghdad in mohammed al kassim highway when a car bomb exploded in front of the mini bus. when the mini bus slowed down unknown gunmen threw a hand grenade inside the bus killing 15 employees and injuring another 9 employees .

at 8:30 this morning an IED exploded in AL YARMOUK area ARBA'A SHAWAREE, it exploded at the Iraqi army checkpoint, 2 soldiers were killed and 2 others were injured .

at 10 o'clock this morning 3 car bombs exploded a few seconds after one another near WAHED HUZAIRAN gas station in bayaa area western Baghdad, those car bombs were aiming at the civilians who were lining up to get kerosene from the station, 15 civilians were killed and 25 others were injured .

at 11 o'clock this morning a car bomb left by the roadside exploded near a local market in AMIL area western Baghdad, 2 civilians were killed and 7 others were injured .

at 11:30 this morning a car bomb exploded in 7th nisan street in AMIL area western Baghdad, 3 civilians were killed and 5 others were injured.

at 4 o'clock this evening a car bomb exploded near the former security building were a police academy is located, 3 police were killed and 6 others were injured .

in mahmodiyah area southern Baghdad a car bomb left by the roadside exploded, one civilian was injured.

at 12 o'clock this noon mortars fell in AL KAHIRA area eastern Baghdad near FARAJ local market, 2 children were killed and 10 civilians were injured .

at 1 o'clock this afternoon an IED exploded at the national police patrol in AUQBA BIN NAFA'A square in KARADA area, 2 police were injured and 2 civilians were injured .

today 60 dead bodies were found in Baghdad, 3 were found in bayaa, 1 hurriyah, 7 amil, 2 shoala, 2 risla, 1 shurta rabiaa, 4 doura, 3 turath, 1 ghazaliyah, 1 taji, 4 haifa street, 1 mishahda, 1 adil, 1 khadhra, 3 yarmouk, 3 mansour, 3 jihad, 7 sadr city, 3 shaab, 4 new baghdad, 2 husseiniyah, 2 habibiyah and 1 kamaliyah.

DIYALA province .

according to a security source in baqouba police, the Iraqi security forces arrested a terrorist who is responsible for assassination operations and sectarian displacement, he was arrested in JISER AL KHALEL BASHA area inside baqouba after a raid by the Iraqi forces in one of the groves .

according to the joint coordination centre in baqouba, the family of major naser abdul rahman (deputy head of the operation centre in khan bani saad area) found his body at the at the morgue in baqouba city after a search of 8 days .

the same source said that terrorist groups assassinated one civilian at the main bus station in baqouba and another man was killed in al aumal area in khalis town 15km north of baqouba.

according to a health source in baqouba's hospital, the morgue has received 3 unknown bodies who were assassinated in al kubat area in al khalis town 15km north of baqouba, and 2 women were shot in the chest by unknown terrorist group and were brought to the hospital of muqdadia town 45km east of baqouba.

according to a security source in diyala police, this evening 2 policemen were killed and 3 civilians were injured when a car bomb exploded near al khalis hospital 15km north of baqouba, it was aiming at an Iraqi police patrol who were transferring ail detainees to the hospital. in baqouba another car bomb exploded aimed at an American patrol in al gatoon area north west baquba. the American casualties were not known because the American forces surrounded the area.

according to a police source in diyala, terrorists in al atheem area at the northern outskirts of diyala province heading to karkuk, opened fire at a civilian car killing one man and one women .

according to a police source in khalis town 15km north of baqouba, at 6 o'clock this evening a terrorist group opened fire on a pick up truck, employees of a private company were inside the vehicle, 3 employees were killed and 6 others were injured.