Roundup of violence in Iraq - 8 December

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

Baghdad . -- at 9 o'clock this morning 5 unknown gunmen kidnapped 5 truck drivers in JISER DIYALA area southern Baghdad .

-- at 6 o'clock this evening 4 mortars fell in al nahrawan area southern Baghdad, 4 civilians were killed and 8 others were injured .

-- today 18 dead bodies were found in Baghdad , 2 were found in jihad area, 3 dora, 2 jeafer, 2 amil, 1 saidiyah, 3 kamaliyah, 1 new baghdad, 1 rashad, 2 madaain and 1 zayuna.

SALAH AL DIN province.

-- according to the Iraqi police and the ISHAKI district manager AMER ALWAN , the American forces surrounded al ishaki 120km northern Baghdad last midnight and made an air strike on 2 houses, 32 people were killed mostly women and children, this two houses belongs to 2 brothers [mohammed hussain jalmood and mahmood hassan jalmood , until this afternoon 10 bodies [men] were extracted from the 2 destroyed houses , 4 women and 10 children between 2-14 years , some of the bodies had gunshots on their bodies and that shows they were shot at before the air strike according to the district manager. this afternoon the American forces made an air drop near the 2 houses which made the rescue people run way and leave everything behind and a number of dead bodies still under wrecks .

-- according to the Iraqi police in DIJEL area 40km northern Baghdad, 4 gunmen were killed this morning in clashes with the American forces, the bodies of the gunmen still being left at DIJEL police station.

BASRA . According to the spokesman of the multinational forces in the south [captain tane donlop ] a joint forces from the british forces and Danish forces (1000 ) soldiers , have made a raid and search operation north of basra. the forces surrounded a number of neighborhoods and villages in al haritha area 20km north of basra. the spokesman have clarified that clashes occurred between the MNF and unknown gunmen but no casualties were reported, also added that the MNF made an arrest of 4 suspected people and found a number of light weapons.

DIYALA province .

-- according to a medical source from diyala health directorate this morning that the morgue has received unknown dead body which was left on the roadside at the centre of baquba city in a taxi . another 2 dead bodies were found and were handcuffed, blindfolded and tortured with a letter beside the bodies saying 'this is the fate of the SAFAWI'S in diyala province. a fourth unknown body was found by the police patrol in AL ZANDAN area in muqdadiyah town 45km eastern baquba.

-- according to a security source in DIYALA police that a group of about 10 gunmen stormed last night HIBHIB police station near khalis city 15km north of baqouba and kidnapped 2 of the detainees without one bullet fire from the police guards and its employees.

MOSUL province. At 5 o'clock this evening a car bomb with a suicide man exploded at an Iraqi army checkpoint in HAY AL MUTHANA area in TALAFAR west of mosul, and according to a medical source said that 12 people were injured 2 soldiers were among the injured people, the buildings near the explosion were damaged and a number of civilian cars were damaged .