Roundup of violence in Iraq - 9 December

Violence . 9th / 12 / 06 .

Baghdad . ∑ at 12 o'clock this noon the head master of AL NAJAH primary school in dora area southern Baghdad [ yousif faraj al shimari ] was killed when unknown gunmen opened their fire at him near the school .

∑ at 3 o'clock this afternoon mortars fell in kadhumia area northern Baghdad , 2 civilians were killed and 2 others were injured .

∑ in al hurria al thaltha area northrenbaghdad unknown gunmen opened fire at a civil car killing one civilian and injuring 2 others .

∑ at 4 o'clock this evening a certain militia have attacked al hurria al thaltha area northern Baghdad and asked the sunni people to leave the area and threaten to kill the sunnis , the miltia burnet 2 sunni houses and one of the families who tried to runaway the militia opened their fire and killed one civilians and injuring a women , when the sunni families tried to leave the area they were stopped by the Iraqi army checkpoint and they were told to return and will be protected by the Iraqi army .

∑ today 40 unknown dead bodies were found in Baghdad , 5 were found in amil area , 2 taji , 3 saydiyah , 3 hurriyah , 2 kadhumia , 2 doura , 2 abu itsheer , 2 bayaa , 2 jihad , 2 iskan , 2 mansour , 2 shurta raniaa , 2 mashtal , 2 sader city , 2 new Baghdad , 2 selakh , 2 rashad and 1 shaab .

KARBALA province . According to the media manager of karbala health directorate SALEEM KADHEM , at 10:30 this morning a car bomb with a suicidal exploded in al abbas street area 400m southern side of al abbas shrine , 5 civilians were killed and 47 others were injured, 2 women were among the injured people and 8 shops were damaged , according to an aye witness called ali mahdi said the suicidal was chaining himself with the car seat and the suicidal was a young man with a black beard .

Yesterday at the Friday prayers the sistani representative ahmed al safi said that the security apparatus in karbala should be conscious because there are plans to attack karbala city .

DIYALA province . ∑ according to the joint coordination centre in diyala province said this afternoon that 2 civilians were killed and one women was injured when mortars fell in shaymaa village in bani saad area southern baquba, the same source said that lieutenant colonel salman saadi was injured when he was attacked by unknown gunmen in al amen square eastern baquba .

∑ according to the police chief of khanakeen area eastern baquba [ major ghaaeb ali hassan ] that a group of gunmen have kidnapped 2 guards from the bashmarga forces [ kurds] working at the kdp in baquba city , after one hour of the kidnapping they were found killed .

∑ according to a security police source in baquba city said that the criminal gangs have killed 2 shops owners this afternoon because they reopened their shops in baquba's market .

∑ according to a source from the mayor office in baladrooz area 45km eastern baquba that an IED exploded on the way to emam mansour southern baladrooz , one civilian was killed and 3 others were injured .

∑ according to a source from mindili's boarder police directorate that a land mine left since the iraq- iran was exploded near boarder police station which let to the killing of 2, one is a policemen and one is a major policeman and another policeman was injured.

BASRA province . According to the spokesman of basra police lieutenant colonel kareem al zaidi said that one child was killed in a clashes between the British forces and unknown gunmen in hay al hussain area west of basra city .

Babylon province . According to a source from Babylon police directorate muthana ahmed said that an IED exploded in al iskandaria area in al ghareeb neighborhood southern Baghdad on an Iraqi police patrol , one police vehicle was damaged , 3 policemen were injured , the same source said that the American base at the northern side of hilla city in al mahaweel area 35km north west of hilla was attacked by 25 mortal shells and casualties were not known .

SALAH AL DEEN province . Tikret .

According to the a police source in tikret police directorate said this a tv producer called hussain al tikreti was killed today by unknown gunmen at the main highway near balad town .

KARKUK province .

∑ according to the commander of the second battalion of the third brigade of the Iraqi army in kakruk province colonel sheerzad khala baziani that 19 suspicious people were arrested in a raiding and search campaign by the Iraqi army and supporting by the MNF in al riadh and al rashad areas within karkuk province , the operation lasted 48 hours and ended last night , 40 different types of weapons unlicensed were found . MOSUL province . According to a security source from naynawa police who cannot be named for a security reasons said tha AYMAN AL SABAAWI [ son of al sabaawi the Iraqi ambassador for the united nations during saddam hussain regime and was former interior minister ] escaped from BADOSH prison in west of mosul province, this prison is run by the Iraqi forces and the American forces and this prison belongs to the Iraqi ministry of justice , ayman escaped by the help of one of the prison officers .