Roundup of violence in Iraq - 10 December

Violence . 10th / 12 /06 . Baghdad .

∑ at 9 o'clock this morning an IED exploded on an Iraqi military patrol in yarmouk area , 3 sildiers were injured .

∑ at 9 o'clock this morning 3 beheaded bodies were found in al huriyah area northern Baghdad .

∑ this morning clashes between unknown gunmen and al janabat tribe in al amil area western Baghdad , 5civilians were killed and 6 others were injured .

∑ in al jihad area western Baghdad unknown gunmen strormed into 2 houses killing killing a father with his 3 sons and the second house 5 brothers from one family were killed by this gang .

∑ today 60 dead bodies were found in Baghdad , some of them were tortured and handcuffed , 12 were found in different places in amil area , 9 in different place of al jihad , 5 in hurriyah , 6 different places of shoala , 8 in different places of mansour , 3 bayaa , 3 dora , 3 ghazaliyah , 2 haifa street , 1 kadhumia , 1 khadhraa , 1 adil , 1 saidiyah , 2 rashad , 1 kamaliyah , 1 new Baghdad and 1 in sader city .

diyala province .

∑ according to the coordination centre in diyala province said this morning that the terrorist groups killed 3 civilians in baquba near the main bus station and this was done by silencer .

∑ according to an iraqi military source from the 3rd brigade of the 5th division of the iraqi army said that a force from 3rd brigade arrested a former officer from the former iraqi intelligence called yassen khalil shahab and other 50 wanted people in a raid in daynia village southern baladroos 45km eastern baquba .

∑ according to a security and health source from khalis hospital 15km northern baquba that one of the armed groups have killed 4 grocers [ sheaats] in jididat al shat area between baquba and Baghdad near mohammed sakran grave yard .

∑ according to a security source at the coordination centre in diyala province that one of the terrorists group killed 2 civilians and injured another 6 when they were moving their furniture from one place to another because of threats , 2 of the injured people were 2 children under the age of six .

∑ according to a military source from diyala province that one local AMEER in diyala province was arrested and he is called SALEH ABED AL MIJAMAAIY and no further information were given .

∑ clashes in al khalis town 15km noethren baquba in al zikum area between unknown gunmen and a forces from al salam battalion of the iraqi army which let to the killing of 4 gunmen and arrested another 4 and one of them was injured .

KARKUK province .

A group of terrorist opened their fire from a civil car towards a bakery in al akhdhar neighborhood in karkuk , one of the workers was killed . According to a police source from karkuk police said that the worker at the bakery was a young 15years old boy called muslim najim and was shot directly on the head and he is a tukuman sheaat .

NAJAF province .

∑ According to the media manager of najaf province [ ahmed deaabil ] said that the police in najaf arrested a gang specialized in killing and kidnapping and were arrested in a house in al wafaa area 4km north of najaf , this house was used to imprison and killing innocent people and bury them at this house and the latest victim was a girl working with the one of the local council members she was kidnapped last weak and was found with the other bodies which was found in that house .

∑ According to the same source said that unknown gunmen assassin brigadier humam nori ibraheem head of the customs in najaf and according to colonel ali nomas the media spokesman of the security forces in najaf said that the brigadier was killed with his brother working as a general at the ministry of interior when unknown gunmen stormed to their house in baghdad and killed both of them .

Babylon province .

According to captain muthana ahmed the spokesman of Babylon police said that the Iraqi police patrol found 3 car bombs not detonated at the industrial area in hilla city .

BASRA province .

According to an aye witness in al khalila area southern basra that one civilian was killed and 5 others were injured 4 of them are children from one family when a mortar shell fail on their house and according to sheikh ahmed al janabi who is the victims neighbor said that the father of that family was killed immediately and the others were badly injured.