Roundup of violence in Iraq - 18 December

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


BAGHDAD . -- At 7 o'clock this morning an IED exploded in al dora area southern Baghdad near al dora main vegetables market, 7 civilians were injured.

-- At 7:30 this morning an IED exploded near an Iraqi police patrol behind the university of technology in karada area, 3 policemen were injured .

-- At 8 o'clock this morning an IED exploded near a vehicle that belongs to the government near al talibiah bridge near Palestine street. inside the vehicle was the managing director of the electrical projects SAEED SHAKER. he was injured and another manager inside the vehicle was injured too. the driver was killed.

-- At 9 o'clock this morning colonel adil Abdullah kadhum from the Iraqi police was killed by unknown gunmen in al amil area .

-- At 2 o'clock this afternoon a car bomb left by the roadside exploded at AL SAIDIYAH vegetable main market, 5 civilians were killed and 19 others were injured .

-- Today 49 bodies were found in Baghdad, some were tortured and handcuffed. 1 was found in Palestine street, 3 sadr city, 2 new Baghdad, 2 shaab, 1 hussainiyah, 15 in different places of ghazaliyah, 6 different places of shoala, 4 amil, 5 dora, 3 hurriyah, 2 jihad, 1 saidiyah, 2 abu atsheet, 1 kadhemiyah and 1 taji area.

SALAH AL DIN province . -- an Iraqi army forces made a raid at the national security centre building in salah al din province and seized the weapons and broke the furniture inside the building. the head of the national security centre colonel jassim mohammed jebarah is accusing an Iraqi force from the forth division of the Iraqi army of this raid and said it's because fuel trucks were caught on their way to be smuggled to influential figure in northern iraq. these fuel trucks were caught by the national security centre and this case was referred to the justice and the state ministry of national security and the ministry of oil knows about this incident and the commander of the forth division is a Kurdish man.

-- last night 3 citizens of tal afar area near singar were killed by unknown gunmen .

-- a member of naynawa (mosul) local council, KHAIRI AL DABAGH, was killed this morning near his house at al zuhur area in mosul by unknown gunmen .

-- one unknown body was found in northern SAMARA town. The victim had been tortured .

-- unknown gunmen kidnapped the father of a battalion commander of a police rescue unit in SAMARA from his house this morning .

MOSUL. Two unknown dead bodies were were found in SINAAT AL KARAMA area south east of mosul .

DIYALA province . -- According to a governmental source at BALADROOZ administrative government center, terrorists who are hiding at the outskirts of al shamsiah and daiyniah villages southern of baladrooz area 45km east of baqouba , launched at 2 this afternoon tens of mortars at SHAH ALI village which led to the killing of 1 civilian and injuring 12 others, 7 women were among the injured. The people were from families displaced from baqouba city.

-- According to a security source from diyala police this evening, terrorists groups at baqouba city attacked a shiite family trying to move from one place to another, 2 young men were killed .

-- According to a security source from baqouba city, clashes between terrorist groups and forces from the Iraqi army led to the killing of one civilian and injuring another. another person was killed at bab al darob area. 9 bodies were found in the same area.