Roundup of violence in Iraq - 25 December

The daily Iraq violence roundup is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


At 9 o'clock this morning an employee from the ministry of housing was assassinated in the zayuna area of eastern Baghdad by unknown gunmen.

At 10 o'clock this morning an employee from the ministry of science and technology was assassinated at al kanat street eastern Baghdad by unknown gunmen.

At 12:45 this afternoon a suicide bomber wearing a suicide vest exploded inside a minibus near al talbiah telephone exchange building at one of the entrances of sadr city. 2 civilians were killed and 20 others were injured.

At 4 o'clock this evening a car bomb exploded near AL BAIDHAA cinema in new Baghdad area eastern Baghdad, killing 10 civilians and injuring 15 others.

Today 40 bodies were found in Baghdad, 3 jiser diyala, 2 aour, 2 adhamiyah, 1 Palestine street, 1 zayuona, 1 karada, 5 amil, 5 dora, 7 shoala, 8 haifa street area and 5 hurriyah.


According to the spokesman of the MNF in the south, captain Tane Dunlop, a force consisting of 1000 soldiers from the mnf and the Iraqi forces have made a raid at 3 o'clock this morning on the building of the major crime unit in al jamaaiah area in basra after a clash with the members of the major crime unit. The spokesman said the building was destroyed, the British forces found tens of detainees who were transferred to the main police directorate in basra. The spokesman said the major crime unit no longer exists because they were illegal police.

According to a security source from basra police, between 200ñ250 detainees were transferred from the major crime unit to main basra police directorate.

An eye witness said the mnf forces destroyed the building and removed all its belongings.

The British forces arrested three days ago officers from the major crime unit, claiming they have connections with a criminal operation that happened in basra.

Last year, the major crime unit in basra arrested two British soldiers and accused them of spying. The two british soldiers were freed by force by the British forces on the 19th of last September. Most members of the major crime unit are affiliated with Islamic parties in basra.

According to a security source in basra police, the attack at building led to the killing of 3 people and those are not from the crime unit were unknown gunmen. The basra police chief condemned the attack and considered it as an assault at the government establishments.


According to a government source in baladroos area, 5 citizens from nindili area who live in baladroos were injured by mortar attacks at their complexes.

According to a source from the coordination centre in baqouba, 4 civilians were killed, including two women, by an IED attack near al anfal mosque in al tahreer area southern baqouba.

In muqdadiyah unknown gunmen assassinated a teacher in front of his house near the main market.