Roundup of violence in Iraq - 26 December

The daily Iraq violence roundup is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


-- at 7:30 this morning a mortar fell in bab al sheikh area behind hadhra al kadiyriah shrine. when the police and fire brigade arrived another mortar fell, killing police lieutenant colonel ALI MAHDI from bab al sheikh police and injured 6 from the fire brigade. 7 civilians were injured too.

-- at 8:30 this morning general manager of the Iraqi international fair (ministry of trade) was kidnapped in al ameriyah area of western Baghdad by unknown gunmen.

-- at 10 o'clock this morning unknown gunmen assassinated general EMAD MUHSIN JAFER from the Iraqi boarder forces in al maghrib street bear adhamiyah area north east Baghdad.

-- at 11 o'clock this morning 3 car bombs exploded at al bayaa main intersection near the car market in western Baghdad, killing 15 civilians and injuring 70 others. they were all sent to al yarmouk hospital and all the injured and people killed were transferred to the hospital by police vehicles, ambulance and civil cars.

-- at 12 o'clock noon an IED exploded at HARAJ market near BAB AL SHARQI area (city centre). 4 civilians were killed and 18 others were injured .

-- at 5 o'clock this evening a car bomb exploded at the parking lot in front of ABU HANIFA mosque in ADHAMIYAH area north east Baghdad, killing 20 civilians and injuring 35. they were sent to AL MUMAN hospital in adhamiyah.

-- today 41 bodies were found in Baghdad, some of them were handcuffed and tortured. 5 were found at dora highway, 3 in dora area, 2 saidiyah, 5 shoala, 4 ghazaliyah, 1 adil, 6 hurriyah , 4 near Haifa street area, 1 bayaa, 1 amil, 1 Palestine street, 3 sadr city, 1 furat,1 talbiyah, 1 new Baghdad and 2 in shaab.


-- according to a source from kirkuk operation room, an IED exploded this early morning while the students were going to AL KALAA primary school at KASABKHANA area in kirkuk, 3 students were killed and 7others were injured.


-- at the same time when mowafak al rubbaie (Iraq's national security adviser) announced the rejection of the appeal of saddam's execution verdict on the dijil issue, a big number gunmen were deployed in baqouba's streets, shouting slogans praising saddam and declaring their loyalty to saddam.

-- according to a medical source from muqdahiyah area, police have found 3 unknown bodies inside a taxi by the roadside near emam wese area.

-- according to a security source from diyala police, at 4 o'clock this evening a car bomb exploded near the agriculture bank in hay al Mustafa area near the mayor's office in baqouba. two policemen were injured and were sent to baqouba hospital.

-- today in the afternoon the arab sunnis have received responsibility for security in baqouba city and that include KANAAN AREA, BANI SAAD and ABARA area. this was done after a security meeting that was attended by the governor of diyala province, his deputy, head of the local council, mayor of baqouba, police chief of diyala , colonel David Sizerland, the commander of the MNF which is located in western diyala, and representative from the fifth division of the Iraqi army.

this meeting was held at the governorate building. this security handing over was taken away from the shiites and kurds and was given to the sunnis because the governor is a shiite, head of the governor council was a kurd, commandos of the police and military were shiite and commandor of the second brigade was kurd, all of them were responsible for security in diyala province. today the security file was handed to the mayor of baqouba, head of the local council, general ghamim al quraishi and the deputy of diyala governor who will be the general supervisor and he is from the Iraqi Islamic party, a sunni party. about 500 gunmen were showing off with their full arms just 500m away from where the meeting was held and were saying slogans but not one bullet was fired.