Roundup of violence in Iraq - 27 December

The daily Iraq violence roundup is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


Two employees working for the ministry of the higher education were injured when insurgents attacked their bus in Al Yarmook neighborhood downtown Baghdad at 8 am.

Three policemen and two civilians were wounded in an IED explosion targeted a police patrol near sacred heart church in Kam Sara neighborhood east of Baghdad at 10 am.

10 people were killed and 10 other were injured when a parked car bomb exploded in Palestine St. east of Baghdad at 2:30 pm.

A US hummer vehicle was broken by an IED explosion on Al Qanat St. the casualties were not recorded because the US forces surrounded the area and blocked it.

Clashes between insurgents and Iraqi army patrols broke up in Al Fadhil neighborhood downtown Baghdad while the commandos forces faced another group of insurgents in Saidiya neighborhood south of Baghdad.

KARBALAA PROVINCE (90 kms south of Baghdad)

The governor of Karbalaa Aqeel Al Khuzaíee said that a group of insurgents assassinated early morning today the governor of Al Husainiya district Hameed Al Sharifee and his assistant. Al Khuzaíee said that the insurgents attacked Al Sharifee and the other man in Mustafa Khan area while they were going to work.


American forces killed today early morning the head of Shaheed Allah organization (one of the Sadristsí organizations) Sahib Al Amiri. Karrar, the son of Sahib Al Amiri, said ìAn American force raided our house at 6 am today. They entered the house. They asked us about my father who tried to run away. He tried to go to the roof but they caught him. He tried to talk to them but an American soldier shot him dead even before he could say a word."

DYALA PROVINCE (65 kms north of Baghdad)

Police sources in Dyala police directorate said that 3 people including 2 policemen were killed and another 3 were injured when a group of insurgents attacked a police patrol with an RBG 7 missile in Al Aswad neighborhood in Khalis town 10 kms north of Baquba.

A civilian was assassinated and another 2 were wounded when insurgents opened their machineguns fire in the housing building neighborhood in Khalis city.

A reliable source in Dyala province said that 18 insurgents were killed and their group leader was arrested when they attacked Bait Jabriya neighborhood, a part of Abo Saida village east north Baquba. People of the neighborhood defended their village. 4 residents from the village were killed and another 13 were injured. Two of the villages residents were killed by the American forces who opened their guns fire towards the farms of the villages.

A reliable sources in Dyala police mentioned that a special force of Dayal police raided today afternoon a safe house of the terrorist Mohammed Ibraheem Mohammed Al Karkhi who is called the prince of the western part of Baquba city. According to the police source, Al Karkhi is responsible of tens of killing and displacing crimes.


The spokesman of the MNF in the south Tan Dunlop said that two British soldiers were injured in an IED explosion in Maaqal neighborhood north of Basra city (480 south of Baghdad). The spokesman added that two British bases were attacked with Katyosh rockets without recording any casualties.