Roundup of violence in Iraq - 11 February 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Laith Hammoudi in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


A civilian was killed and 3 others injured when a parked car bomb exploded near Al Rowad intersection in Mansoor neighborhood in the center of Baghdad at 12 pm BLT

Insurgents opened their machineguns fire randomly from their Opel car targeting civilians walking in the neighborhood of Nahdha bridge in the center of Baghdad at 12-30 pm. The shooting claimed the lives of two civilians and caused the injury of a third one.

Insurgents shot dead yesterday night Colonel Hatam Hussein Abdul Ridha, the chief of the central information bureau in Karballa and a civilian who was close to the incident. The insurgent attacked Abdul Ridha near his house in Mansoor neighborhood downtown Baghdad yesterday afternoon.

A suicide man wearing an explosive vest died when his vest exploded near Husainiyat Al Habeeb Al Mostafa in Al Elam neighborhood south of Baghdad.

Insurgents opened their machineguns fire targeting Brigadier General Ayad Fadhil the administration manager of the criminal evidences directorate and colonel Abdul Kareem Abdul Abbas who work with in the same directorate. The two men were shot in Zaiyona neighborhood east of Baghdad while they were in their car. The two men were injured and taken to one of the close hospitals.

Police found 27 dead bodies allover Baghdad. the following is the detailed number of dead bodies per neighborhoods: Dora 4, Yarmouk 4, Saidiya 3, Al Jihad 3, Ghazaliya 2, Abu Disheer 2, Al Adil 2, Al Shualaa 2, Al Qanat 3, Ur 2.

Salah Al Deen

a source in Tikreet general hospital and another source in the combined coordination center confirmed that 10 people were killed including 8 policemen and 8 police men were injured when a suicide car bomb attacked Door police directorate south of Tikreet city at 9 am. The building of the directorate was seriously damaged by the explosion.

Iraqi police in Tikreet city said that two insurgents were killed at 7 am today when they were planting a bomb on the side road near Al Qadisiya neighborhood north of Tikreet city.


Iraqi police in Mosul city north of B[Iraq said that 8 new recruited border police were killed in an ambush made by insurgents when they were going back home after they finished their recruiting applications. The incident happened on the main road west north of Mosul yesterday afternoon.


- Today police chief of Baladrouz police survived an IED explosion. Colonel Faris Al Ameri survived the explosion as his convoy was about to enter the city of Baaqouba from the eastern side. 2 of the body guards were injured.

- Gunmen killed the female security employee Azhaar Munaim in front of her house today in NewBaqouba neighborhood. Munaim worked in searching the entering females to a governmental office in the city. Basra

- Major Rafea Mohammed, Basra police public affairs, said police have found the body of citizen Salman Ouda in Hamdan area (10 Km) southeastern Basra. Mohammed didnít reveal further details about the incident.

- Around 10 a.m. A mine exploded in Al Rumaila Al Shamalia causing severe injury to a child. The early reports said the mine belongs to the Iraqi Iranian war in 80ís.