Roundup of violence in Iraq - 14 March 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Laith Hammoudi in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

A civilian was killed and 4 others were injured when a suicide car bomb targeted an army patrol at 11 am Baghdad Local Time (BLT)

- Two guards of the head of the local council of Adhamiya neighborhood east Baghdad Modhaffar Abdul Razzaq had been killed and Abdul Razzaq was injured when Abdul Razzqís car was targeted by gunmen in Omar Bin Abdul Azeez street in Adhamiya neighborhood at 10 am BLT.

- Two civilians were killed when an IED exploded in Al Saidiyah neighborhood targeting civilians around 6 p.m.

- Police found 16 dead bodies throughout Baghdad in the following areas: 5 bodies in Dora, 4 bodies in Al Saidiyah, 2 bodies in Bab Al Muadham, 2 bodies in Al Taji, 2 in Al Baia and 1 in Yarmouk.


- A source in the Iraqi police in Tikrit city (175 KMs north of Baghdad ) said that a civilian was killed and 8 others were wounded in a suicide attack in a cell phones shop in Toz town 110 KMs east of Tikrit at 11 am.

- Three civilians were injured in an IED explosion in the construction materials steer downtown Tikrit city at 10,30 am

- A civilian was killed in an IED explosion targeted a sedan car on Al-Riyadh ñ Tikrit road north of Tikrit city at 9,30 pm yesterday evening.


- A source in Kirkuk city in police operation room said that two policemen were injured in an IED explosion on the third bridge downtown Kirkuk city at 5,45 pm yesterday evening. The source said that the explosion targeted the car of Kirkuk police Chief Colonel Burhan Taiyeb.