Roundup of violence in Iraq - 26 January 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Laith Hammoudi in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

Baghdad. The source: the MOI operation room

-- 15 civilians were killed and 52 were injured in an IED explosion in Al Gazil market in the center of Baghdad at 10:00

-- Clashes happened in the neighborhoods of Al Shurta Al Khamsa, Al Rai and Al Mowasalat in the western part of Baghdad (Karkh) between insurgents and the national police.

-- Two civilians were injured when an IED exploded in Milhaniya, a part of Amil neighborhood at 1 pm.

-- 2 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 14 people were injured including 4 iraqi army soldiers when a suicide care bomb exploded in Alawi Al Hilla in the center of Baghdad today.

-- The body of the Iraqi boxer Hussein Hadi was found in Haifa street. Police said that Hadi was kidnapped three days ago and he found hanged today.

-- 27 anonymous bodies were found in Baghdad today. 17 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (5 bodies in Dora, 5 bodies in Ghazaliya, 3 hay Al Amil, 2 bodies in Bayya and 2 bodies in Al Shurta AL Khamsa.) 10 bodies were found in Rasafa, the eastern part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (3 bodies in Qanat. 3 bodies in Baghdad Al Jadida. 2 bodies in Shaab. 2 bodies in Rashad.)

Diyala province

-- A governmental source in Khalis town 10kms north of Baqouba said that people from Al Kobat village arrested 5 insurgents from Majlis Shora Al Mujahideen organization linked to Al Qaida on Thursday last night. The people handed over the insurgents to the Iraq army.

-- A security source in Khalis town said that the American helicopters responded to fire targeted at the helicopter from Al Mishatti village in Hibhib town 15 Kms north of Baqouba city. Two people were killed in the helicopter strike and another 3 were injured. The MNF is investigating to learn the identities of the killed and injured people.

-- A source in the combined coordination center said that two farmers were killed and 15 were injured when 57 mortar rounds landed in Barwana village, a small village in Muqdadiya city 45 Kms northeast of Baqouba. The source confirmed that Thyaba village, the neighbor village for Barwana, had been attacked with mortar shells caused the death of a civilian and the injury of 5. the people in the two villages asked the government to protect them and to end their suffering because of the insurgents.

-- A source in the general information department in Diyala police directorate said that the chief of Diyala police staff Major General Ghanim Al Quraishi presented an award to members of a police patrol who with the support of the MNF defeated a robbery attempt targeted Al Farooq bank. the source said "the patrol faced a group of insurgents of 10 men tried to break into the bank in the center of Baqouba city on Thursday at about 9 pm. The patrol killed one of the insurgents but the insurgents returned fire. The police patrol asked for MNF support, which sent two helicopters and some vehicles. A battle took place and other insurgents were killed. Al Quraishi awarded the patrol with 250,000 Iraqi Dinars for each (less than 200 $). It's to be mentioned that many banks had been robbed during the last period and the last one was during the Dec. 2006 targeted the brunch of Al Rafedain bank in Baquba.

-- The head of the local committee of Muqdadiya city Raad Abid Jasim Al Timimi survived today an assassination attempt while he was going from his house to Al Miqdad Husainiya to pray the Friday prayers. Al Timimi was taken to the hospital after he was injured in the incident.

-- A medical source in Baqouba hospital said that the hospital received two bodies of brothers brought by the national police. the police said that the brothers were assassinated in Abo Tamer area near the main road of Khalis town north of Baqouba.

-- A security source in Muqdadiya city said that the police patrol found 4 bodies near a rural road in Muqdadiya city. The source said that bodies are a man and his son and his two nephews and they are from the residents of Zhirat village who were executed today according to the signs on the bodies