Roundup of violence in Iraq - 14 January

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


-- this morning at around 2 o'clock a fire broke out at al shorja bulk market [city centre] in AL TAAEE cloths complex, only damages at the buildings.

-- an IED exploded in ghirnata square [city centre], one civilian was killed and 6 others were injured.

-- in al amil area an IED exploded at the civilians , 2 civilians were injured.

-- at 3 o'clock this afternoon unknown gunmen wearing civilian clothes stormed inside a carpenters market and opened fire killing 7 civilians.

-- at 4 o'clock this evening a number of mortar rounds fell on a residential area in Palestine street eastern Baghdad, 5 civilians were injured.

-- at 4:30 this evening 2 mortar rounds fell on residential area in ZAYUONA eastern Baghdad injuring 3 civilians.

-- At 5 o'clock this evening clashes broke between unknown gunmen and interior ministry commandos in AL MADAIN area southeast Baghdad, 4 commandos were killed.

Today 40 bodies were found in Baghdad, some tortured and handcuffed: 5 were found in al adhamiyah, 2 aour, 2 new Baghdad, 1 zayuona, 1 rashad, 1 selekh, 2 sadr city , 2 mansour, 1 khadhra, 2 near Haifa street, 2 belat al shuhadaa, 7 in different places in shula, 4 kadhumiyah, 4 ghazaliyah, 1 dora, 2 amil and 1 bayaa .

DIYALA province .

-- according to medical and security sources, almost 4,623 victims were killed and injured by the terrorists last year plus more than 700 from the police and army soldiers. the source also said that 2,112 civilians of all ages were killed, 97 percent were Shiite, killed by all kinds of violence like kidnappings, executions, raids, IEDs and car bombs.

the sources also said that 2,511 were injured.

the source mentioned that the number of Kurdish and Shiite families who were displaced from the different cities in diyala province are more than 7000 families.

-- according to a close source from the Iraqi army and MNF in baqouba city, a force from the Iraqi military supported by an American helicopters made a military campaign since the 5th of January until yesterday to secure AL DSINA area south of BALADROOS area. these sources said that the forces have found weapons cahches and killed 75 terrorists and arrested others.

-- according to a security source from baladroos area, a group of terrorists attacked one policeman from baldroos police station who was badly injured and transferred to baqouba's hospital. the source said a police patrol was near the place were the incident happened and were able to track the terrorists and arrested 3 of them.

KIRKUK province.

-- According to the Kirkuk police chief brigadier SARHAD KADER, 2 kurdish engineers were killed when 4 gunmen driving a civil car opened fire at the 2 engineers in kirkuk near AL RANAA bridge and injuring 2 others who were with them.

Basra province.

one British soldier was killed when an IED exploded at a British patrol yesterday in AL NALADIAH area west basra.