Roundup of violence in Iraq - 20 February 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Laith Hammoudi in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

Baghdad. the source: the MoI operation room

-- 6 people were killed and 105 injured in a tank explosion near Ahal Al Bait restaurant in Taji neighborhood north Baghdad at 7:30 a.m. The tank was full of chlorine. According to Iraq police, most of the injured people were discharged from e hospitals after treatment for chlorine inhalation.

-- 3 civilians were killed and 12 were injured in parked car bomb explosion near a fuel station in Saidiya neighborhood south Baghdad at 11a.m.

-- At 11:30 am, a parked car bomb explosion near Al Rasheed vegetables market in Dora neighborhood south Baghdad killed 5 civilians and injured another 20.

-- 7 civilians were killed and 20 injured when a suicide man wearing an explosive belt entered a mourning tent and exploded himself among civilians in Al Aqari neighborhood in Palestine Street east Baghdad at 4:45 pm.

-- Police found 18 anonymous bodies in different neighborhoods in Baghdad. 17 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods: 4 in Dora, 4 in baiya'a, 3 in Hay Al Amil, 2 in Saidiya, 1 body each in Shula, Abo Dsheer, Al Mansoor and Hay Al Jihad. One body was found in Jadiriya neighborhood in Rosafa side of the Baghdad (the eastern side)

Salah Ad Din province

-- Eyewitnesses said an American vehicle was burnt in an IED explosion targeting the vehicle on the main road east Tikrit city.


-- Kurdish Muslims and Aizidiya (a very small minority) continue fighting in Al Shikhan district in Irbil province in northern Iraq. The fight which is described as religious fight began the 17th of Feb. Peshmarga troops (the armed wing of PUK) spread all over the administrational borders between Irbil province and Mosul province.

Babil province

-- The spokesman of Babil province police directorate said that a force from the scorpion brigade arrested three individuals in a house where bombs are made. According to the source, two of the arrested people are only visitors who were in a visit to their relative. the owner of the house made bombs in one of the rooms in the house that look like the building brick. His wife told the police that her husband didn't ever allow her to enter the room.

Karbala province

-- A source in the Iraqi police in Karbala said that Iraqi police arrested yesterday evening 4 people suspected to be members of the soldiers of heaven group.

-- A security source from Karbala province said that police forces launched raids throughout the province, blocking entry and exit from several towns. A reliable source in the police directorate said the raids were aimed at Mahdi army leaders and members.

Diyala province

-- A source in the 5th Iraqi army division said that 13 insurgents were killed and 8 other arrested in clashes between the Iraqi security forces and the insurgents in Al tahreer neighborhood in Baqouba city and Bohroz town. The source confirmed that the Iraqi secuirty forces confiscated tens of small and middle weapons.

-- A security source said three civilians were injured in an attack by insurgents in Miqdadiya city north east of Baqouba city. The same source said that a fourth civilian was injured in a second attack in Khalis town 10 KMs north of Baqouba.

-- A security source in the combined operation room of Diyala province said that a combined force of Iraqi police and MNF raided many villages in the areas of Dainiya and Shamsiya south Baladroz 45KMs east of Baqouba. The force arrested many suspects, took weapons and ammunition and destroyed other weapons.

-- A security source in Diyala province said that the fate of 4 Kurdish young men and 6 Shiite young men is still unknown after they were kidnapped yesterday afternoon in Al Gatoon neighborhood west Baqouba. The source confirmed that one of the kidnapped men is the son of one of the officials in Diyala province. The young men were kidnapped when the buses carrying them had to change the routes and went through the internal roads. Insurgents stopped the buses and kidnapped the ten men yesterday.

-- A source in the 5th Iraqi division said that a force from the division released last night a kidnapped man after raiding the safe house where he was being held on the outskirts of Miqdadiya city.


-- the spokesman of the MNF in the south said that the MNF raided today a house in the neighborhood of Twisa downtown Basra city and arrested four suspects. The spokesman added that the MNF searched two houses in Al Timimiya neighborhood in the center of Basra city early morning today. The force arrested a suspect while he was trying to flee.

-- An eyewitness said that a British helicopter launched 5 missiles near Al Gzaiza district 10KMs north Basra city. Buraq Ali who lives in the same area said no casualties were recorded. He added that the helicopter launched the missile after insurgents launched some Katyusha rockets towards Al Basra international airport.

Muthanna province

-- eyewitnesses said that unknown insurgents assassinated today the deputy chief of Muthanna province council Mohammed Hannon. The incident happened at 7 pm in Al Khidir city 30KMs south of Samawa city , the center of Muthanna province. Hannon was killed while he was leaving the mosque after doing the evening prayers.