Roundup of violence in Iraq - 2 April 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Hussein Kadhim in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


-Around 10.30 am a car bomb was parked near the notary public and a court in Bayaa district ( south Baghdad) when exploded killed 2 and injured 9.

- Around 11 , a road side bomb exploded near Nidaa Mosque in Qahira district having three injuries

- Before noon , A suicider who was driving a car filled with explosions targeted a check point for police and army in Doura having 2 killed and three injured .

- Before noon , machineguns were targeting a convoy of the interior minister deputy for police affairs ( major general) having 2 injured guards.

- Around 2 pm , a road side bomb targeted a patrol of the Iraqi army passing through the general company of grains in Bab Al-Muathim killing 2 and 3 were injured.

- Around 4 pm , a mortar shelling targeted a school building ( Imuma school) having some damage without casualties.

- Around 4 pm , an Iraqi soldier killed by a sniper in Al-Ghadeer neighborhood .

- Before sunset , A motorists was killed by American check point which was near Um Al-Tibool mosque inYarmouk neighborhood . The dead was an Iraqi soldier out of duty.

_ 14 corpses were found in Baghdad: Kharkh bank ( 11 ) : Saidiyah (3), Amil(2), Doura (2) , Hurriya (1) , Yarmouk (1) , Mahmudiya (1) Rusafa bank ( 3) Sheikh Umar (1) , Zayuna (1) , Sadr city (1)


Around 5 pm of Sunday evening April 1 , two mini buses ( Kia) carrying 19 Shiite passengers from Jizan village ,between Baghdad Baquba road, stopped ,checked and then taken by one of the terrorists groups which belong to the Islamic State of Iraq to their haunts in Hibhib town ( West Baquba ) .

_ Around 5 pm terrorists attacked one of the Iraqi army headquarter in Ghalbia to prevent them giving rescue to the people in Jizan and the clashes lasted more than four hours and on the same time 4 cars opened fire on civilian cars which were on the way injuring 5 who were evacuated at once to Al_Kindi hospital in Baghdad as it is impossible to take them to Baquba via Hadid town which declared loyalty to the Islamic State.

- By noon , a bomb was put under a trailer was carrying rice ( 30 tons) which was supposed to be delivered to people in Mandli ( to south of Kurdstan 90 km east Baquba causing loss of this amount of rice. .Those people haven't got ration for seven months.

- Early this morning , 2 suspected arrested in Sadiya town in Khanqeen ( North east Baquba) military source said from the fifth division of Iraqi army.

- Around 2.30 pm , 23 corps were found near a house in Bani Saad town ( 30 km south Baquba. 19 of them were blindfolded with hands tied from the back. Those were workers from Jizan village who were kidnapped yesterday in the afternoon.

- Around 1.00 pm , a bomb was put inside a broken freezer which was set to be a table for sellers inside Al-Khalis city ( north Baquba ) having three female sellers killed and another is missing while 23 were injured ( 6 of them were women).


Around 10.30 am a truck ( Hino) filled with explosions hit an elementary school for girls as it failed to reach its destiny the directorate of criminal investigations in Rahimawa in Kirkuk ( north of Baghdad)and near a police station as there were blocks in the main entry to the target causing great damage to the whole area having 12 killed and( 169) injured most of them girls and women . The damage was huge in the area ( shops and houses were destroyed and cars burned).



-200 suspected arrested by the Iraqi security forces from Al-Dour ( south of Tikrit and north of Baghdad which is on siege for the last five days on demanding of 400 wanted men.


- Last night ( Sunday night), a British soldier listed dead in a hospital after a serious injury in attack with gunmen in Ashar city ( downtown of Basra) a spokesman of the Multi reprted.

- At dawn a British patrol had an ambush by gunmen who used machineguns and RBJ7s .A clash took place between both sides , no casualties of the British reported while four gunmen injured as the British statement told.

- Late last night, the British Chancellery was hit by mortar shelling and ( Katusha) missiles without damages

Around 5.00 pm a British convoy was targeted by gunmen using machineguns having one British soldier killed and another injured in Ashar (downtown of Basra city) near the directorate of Basra police traffic.