10 farmers markets in Washington to offer alcohol samples

Ten farmers markets in the state soon will be able to offer wine and beer tasting, and managers at local markets will learn today whether they’ll be one of the few.

More than 125 farmers markets belong to the Washington State Farmers Market Association. Under a law effective last Friday, 10 will be able to invite one winery, brewery or microbrewery a day to offer beverage samples, starting Sept. 1.

A lottery during today’s Liquor Control Board meeting will determine which markets will be able to provide the new service. Two of Tacoma’s four markets are in the running.

“We like to participate in programs that will allow us more access to serve more people in the community,” said Cayenne Schonette, operations manager for three of the city’s markets.

Other managers said allowing wine tasting would benefit both the market and the vendors.

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