Asian-Americans hit ‘bamboo ceiling’ in management

Dalal. Chen. Tai. Ramanujan. Dang. Park. Singh.

Check any honor roll, any list of science fair winners, any Phi Beta Kappa roster and you’ll see Asian names far out of proportion to the size of the Asian-American population.

But look for Asian names such as those among top U.S. corporate executives, and they’re markedly under-represented.

What happens to all those bright, well-educated, hard-driven graduates?

Asian-Americans are 18 percent of the Harvard enrollment, 24 percent at Stanford, and a whopping 46 percent at the University of California-Berkeley. Academic pedigrees like that typically vault graduates into the upper echelon of the U.S. workforce.

But a national study released today by the Center for Work-Life Policy says that Asian-Americans — 5 percent of the U.S. population and the nation’s fastest-growing minority by percentage — hold less than 2 percent of top corporate jobs.

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