'Made in Kansas' a universal brand

Kansas provides the world with flour, planes, beef and amusement rides. Kansas-made products include the brown paperboard used in making toilet paper tubes, refrigerated dough cans and paper party plates.

We make the aerosol cans for insecticides, the containers for pop-up sanitizing wipes, and the food our dogs and cats eat, as well as the steaks on our table — or hamburger, depending on how the recession has affected your pocketbook.

We tell people where to go and how to get there — because Garmin, which makes Nuvi and other GPS devices, originated with Kansan Gary Burrell.-

We give the world much of its sweetness. We have Russell Stover candies, and we will soon be mass-producing M&Ms and Snicker Bars at the Mars Chocolate North America plant in Topeka.

From bullet clips to poker chip weights, Kansas-made products are pretty much everywhere.

"We are one of the top manufacturing areas in the United States," said Karyn Page, president and chief executive of the Kansas World Trade Center.

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