Some Tropicana orange juice switches to clear bottling

BRADENTON -- Tropicana’s new $4 million bottling facility is nearing completion and consumers are already seeing the result: new clear plastic bottles in the grocery store.

Tropicana’s Pure Premium brand of orange juice is now offered in bottles instead of cartons, a move the company believes is a consumer pleaser and sales generator.

“We are always trying to make decisions from the distribution standpoint that makes the most sense,” said Mike Haycock, vice president of manufacturing and warehousing for Tropicana.

Extensive consumer testing, along with results from a switch to plastic bottling for its Trop 50 product last year, convinced Tropicana executives to make the switch.

“We’ve learned that consumers like to see the product they are using,” Haycock said. “We’ve been very excited about consumers’ reaction to the product -- it’s all gone well.”

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