Has the economy affected your vacation plans?

Despite some local travel experts who say the economy is affecting vacations, some families said they're enjoying summer travels without a hitch.

"I went on vacation already," said Sandy Roessler, of Columbia, Ill. "I like 'The Andy Griffith Show,' so we went to North Carolina to the area where he grew up and then took a bunch of pictures."

The 64-year-old joined three of her friends as they toured the Wally's Service Station in Mount Airy, saw the famous squad car and other sites that appeared in Mayberry on the show.

"It was kind of a treat for me," Roessler said.

"We were going to rent a car," she explained of the only wrench the economy threw into their vacation plans, but they chose to save money and drive one of their own.

American Automobile Association spokesman Mike Right, said that many travelers are dealing with higher gas prices -- up about $1 per gallon from a year earlier -- in addition to higher food costs.

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