Pervasive economic effects of cuts in aviation

First Hawker Beechcraft, now Cessna. The travails of the general aviation industry are giving the rest of Wichita an anxiety attack. And for good reason. Even in a best-case scenario, Wichita may be worse off in the short run than we are right now.

The city's general aircraft makers are still shedding jobs. Cessna announced this week that it is cutting 700 more jobs, which will take effect sometime after late November. Hawker Beechcraft is threatening to ship large parts of its production work out of state.

The area has lost about 20,000 non-farm jobs since late 2008, with aircraft workers making up more than half of that.

The economic effects of those layoffs spread far and wide, even for those who don't actually see a large number of aircraft workers.

"It's the trickle down," said Jim Williams, owner of Williams Ace Hardware.

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