Stanislaus County, Calif., on bottom of Brookings economic list

The economy of the Northern San Joaquin Valley is in awful shape.

That comes as no surprise. The region has been among the worst in the nation in most economic categories for some time.

But just in case you don't believe those numbers or the experts who analyze them, or you've been living in cave, a Washington, D.C., think tank rolled out some new figures today confirming the region's plight.

Stanislaus County is dead last — 100th — in employment and real estate rankings, according to the Brookings Institution. The county's 17.2 percent jobless rate in June was the worst among the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas.

The county also ranked 100th — again at the bottom of the list — with its 59.6 percent drop in home prices from the peak of the market nearly five years ago.

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