Even secure workers thinking of new jobs

More than two-thirds of U.S. workers say they feel as stable or more stable in their jobs than in 2009, but many of those same employees also say they're looking for greener pastures.

So said 2,100 employees in a nationwide online survey released Thursday by American Express.

Even with persistent high unemployment, 71 percent of American employees felt secure in their jobs compared with last year, according to the survey's findings, but more than half of them – about 40 percent – say they will look for new jobs in 2010.

So, who's fine-tuning their resumes? Retail employees and those who work in professional services, such as accountants, architects and real estate brokers.

But nearly 70 percent of workers in the health care industry said they planned to stay put. About 68 percent of workers in education and 61 percent in manufacturing told American Express they planned to stay in their current jobs this year.

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