California issues layoff warnings to educators

At least 964 Stanislaus County educators have been notified they may lose their jobs in July. That's more than 17 percent of the teachers, counselors, librarians and administrators in the county's public schools.

Statewide, the layoff total tops 23,255, which is about 13 percent of California's more than 300,000 educators.

Monday was the deadline for warning educators they may lose their jobs when this school year ends.

Many of those warned have "bumping rights," so they may be able to work in other positions within their districts. Administrators, for example, might be able to move back into classrooms, or counselors could replace teachers with less seniority.

All those bumping scenarios increased the number of layoff warnings delivered throughout Modesto City Schools. Initially, about 300 teachers, librarians and counselors were told to expect them, but 517 were handed out by Monday. The district also warned 67 managers they could be laid off.

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