'Twitches' suggested for Kansas $25 tax filing fee legislation

TOPEKA — Kansas Revenue Secretary Joan Wagnon suggested tweaking a proposed $25 fee to file income taxes on paper so that it would not harm the poor and elderly.

Her office has been getting a lot of calls from people upset about her proposal to charge a $25 fee to file taxes by paper and a $10 fee to receive the tax rebate in a paper check form.

A House Taxation Committee hearing on the bill Tuesday saw Wagnon seek to explain the proposal more fully. Advocates for the elderly criticized it. The committee took no action.

Wagnon said she had intended the proposal to encourage online filing by the 23 percent of people who prepare their taxes on the computer but file on paper. She said she did not intend it to hurt those who don’t have access to computers or who don’t have a bank account.

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