Schwarzenegger's budget cuts threaten adult day care

As the dominoes fall in California's social services system, the DMC Foundation of Modesto is determined to keep its programs alive.

The future of its Alzheimer's day service was threatened in October when Gov. Schwarzenegger blue-penciled its funding in the state budget. The nonprofit foundation opened a thrift store in November, generating $5,100 a month to sustain the program.

State cuts removed 40 percent of funding for the foundation's adult day health center last year, but that funding was restored by a court order.

Schwarzenegger's recent budget proposal would eliminate adult day care funding in March, taking $1.2 million from the Modesto program that serves seniors who have Parkinson's disease, are recovering from stroke or cancer, or dealing with other physical impairments.

The services are offered at Miller's Place in the DMC Foundation complex at 730 McHenry Ave.

"We are about the only organization in this area that is doing what we do," said Thomas Truax, chief executive officer of the foundation. "We need to keep that open. It is too critical to our community."

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