In Raleigh, stores take on high credit card fees

The Pantry is taking its fight against high credit card fees directly to its shoppers, asking customers at its nearly 1,700 convenience stores to sign a petition protesting the fees.

The fees, which the Cary chain says are too high and unfairly calculated, are paid on each transaction that uses a debit or credit card - a substantial number if you're in the business of selling gasoline.

"The use of credit has grown really fast in the last few years," said Crystal Fish, The Pantry's manager of credit card development. "The projections are that by 2012, the debit will surpass cash as a form of credit."

The Pantry's fight is part of a larger petition effort by the National Association of Convenience Stores, and it's one example of the ongoing battle between credit companies and retailers nationwide.

At stake are billions of dollars in fees charged for processing credit or debit card transactions.

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