California to raise undergraduate fees by 32 percent

University of California's full board of regents voted Thursday to raise fees for undergraduate students by 32 percent in two steps over the coming year. They also agreed to increase fees for graduate students in 44 professional schools.

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the regents' meeting room at UCLA. Many had camped out overnight in opposition to the increased fees. Media in Los Angeles reported a heavy police presence today.

Protests also took place today at UC Davis. About 100 protesters gathered in the morning outside the Mrak Hall administration building, a campus spokeswoman said. Demonstrators made their way around campus, holding a "teach-in" in the memorial union and a demonstration in the library. About 300 protesters were marching around 1 pm, according to reports.

At UC Berkeley, where 1,000 protesters rallied yesterday, demonstrations today were light. A campus spokeswoman said about 100 people picketed at lunch time, most of them union workers.

UC students and workers alike are upset about the impact state budget cuts are having on the university. In response to lawmakers cutting UC's budget by 20 percent earlier this year, the university furloughed workers and raised student fees.