Foreclosed homes provide business to Bradenton firms

BRADENTON — Tim Robert and his son Nate have encountered plenty of messes on the job.

They've spotted rodents, soiled furniture and carpets, and graffiti on the walls. They've cut grass that's grown to knee-length heights, seen trees overgrown into house gutters and filth on houses only a pressure washer can remove.

"The stuff we get into is the nastiest," said Tim Robert.

That's what you get when your business is cleaning up foreclosed homes.

N.A.R. Property Management, the property management company they started two months, is booming with business thanks to the rash of foreclosures in Manatee County. Manatee County had 526 foreclosures in August to bring the year’s total to 4,296.

Tim Robert started N.A.R. Property Management for Nate, 19, who is studying business management at State College of Florida.

The business started out doing landscape maintenance for commercial accounts such as banks, gas stations and business. But the two soon saw real potential in adding foreclosed homes to their list of clean-up chores.

Since starting the business, N.A.R. Property Management has done landscaping and yard work on 80 foreclosed homes, and cleaning and repairs to five homes. The company collects between $400 to $600 a job.

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