Yard sales help make ends meet in Myrtle Beach

As the recession forces people to watch their spending, many turn to piles of clothes, tables of toys and old furniture at yard sales to find what they need, or in the case of sellers, earn some extra cash.

Geri Watford of Surfside Beach is working fewer hours because business is slow, so she looks to yard sales to stretch her paycheck.

"I would not be in a mall today," she said. "I don't go because things have been that tough. I learned to roll with the punches, and anything I want, I don't have to do without it if I get up on Saturday morning and I go to yard sales."

Watford said most of the time she finds the item she needs for a fraction of the price that she could buy it at the store.

"I thrive on it because I know I've saved money for my family," she said.

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