Job seekers, hiring managers divided by a digital wall

FT. WORTH, Tex. _ It's no secret that in today’s down jobs market, job seekers are firing off resumes into every digital hole they can find _ or that employers are feeling the pain.

Take Liane Janovsky, a Fort Worth employment lawyer who had an opening for a paralegal this spring and posted it for free on Craigslist to save money.

"I got a hundred applications within a week," Janovsky said. "About a dozen qualified candidates. I had waitresses, grocery baggers, people who'd never been a paralegal."

Where did these hopeful but unqualified job seekers get the idea that they had a shot? "They wanted it," Janovsky said.

Today's frustrated job seekers, confronting heavy competition, a short supply of jobs and a massive wall of career sites and search engines separating them from recruiters and hiring managers, are shotgunning resumes, often for positions they're not qualified for. On the other side of the wall, equally frustrated recruiters and hiring managers are inundated with applications and the legal liability of having to account for their decisions.

"A lot of candidates, in their panic, go, 'I can do that,' " when they see an appealing job opening, said Foster Williams, a recruiter and former Verizon hiring manager who co-founded the jobs site with his wife, Cindi. "They have no skills on their resume that match with that position. That creates more frustration for the recruiters."

Understanding what hiring managers are up against can pay off for job seekers.

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