Some unemployed Tweet their way to a job

If you can find Jon Kolbe a job, you'll win a brand new high-definition camcorder. It's not a new game show. Just his plea for help on Twitter.

The Boca Raton father of two has been without a job for seven months, and at this stage he has gone far beyond posting online resumes and joining online networking groups.

``A lot of these ads are blind, and I don't know who I'm applying to and I don't know how to follow up -- and that's been the most frustrating part,'' Kolbe said.

After applying for a couple hundred jobs, he finally found a lead from a stranger on Twitter.

Like Kolbe, the unemployed in South Florida are flocking to the social networking site and using it to scour for job leads and listings. While the job market is still tough no matter the method of search, the instant nature of the posts, mixed with an environment that breeds a neighborly spirit, makes Twitter a hot spot for finding opportunities

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