Sanford jokes worn out for T-shirt makers

Almost as soon as Gov. Mark Sanford confessed to his affair with an Argentine woman, eager entrepreneurs started cranking out T-shirts.

The episode was just too ripe for jokes.

First, the governor was reported missing.

The T-shirt? A milk carton with Sanford's picture and the slogan "Have you seen this governor?"

Then, his office released the Appalachian Trail excuse.

The T-shirt? "Tell my wife I'm hiking with Gov. Sanford."

Next came the confession.

The T-shirt? A photo of Sanford with the words "Luv Guv" printed underneath.

Finally, Sanford gave a soul-baring interview.

The T-shirt? A simple quote: "This was a whole lot more than a simple affair. This was a love story." — Mark Sanford.

A month later, though, the T-shirt sales have fallen flat. For some shirt makers, the point is getting attention instead of making a big profit.


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