Busy Kansas animal shelter may fall victim to budget cuts

Honey is a good example of the cliche, “A cat has nine lives.”

She used two of them before arriving at the Olathe Animal Shelter.

A sanitation worker found her sealed inside a green tote box in an apartment complex dumpster. People had thrown trash on top of the box, not realizing she was inside.

“The driver heard her, pulled her out and called us,” said Lesa Murray, supervisor of Olathe Animal Control.

Honey was dehydrated and overheated from being inside the box during 90-plus degree temperatures and had a severe head injury.

“She had a big red welt over her right eye,” Murray said.

It looked as though Honey might lose the eye. A veterinarian treated the injury, and now she will recover and keep both her peepers.

The orange-colored cat, similar to a red-tabby cat, came to the shelter about the same time as Princess, a Scottish terrier that Olathe police officers found wandering the streets.

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