Auto dealers hope 'Cash for Clunkers' boosts sales

KANSAS CITY — You've probably heard, "Cash for Clunkers" is coming.

Area auto dealers are gearing up for the federal program designed to boost auto sales while putting more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road.

The legislation was passed last month and took effect July 1. The federal agency overseeing the $1 billion program has recommended that dealers and consumers wait until the rules and regulations are officially issued before proceeding.

The regulations are expected to be released by July 23.

Consumers trading in a vehicle that was manufactured in 1984 or later can qualify for a $3,500 or $4,500 voucher that would be applied to the new vehicle's purchase price.

The new passenger car must get at least 22 miles to the gallon. If the new car gets four to nine miles per gallon more than the old one, the voucher is $3,500.

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