No Illinois state budget? Troopers' salaries go to minimum

If legislators can't pass a budget Wednesday, Illinois State Police troopers' salaries will go to minimum wage.

Fred Scholl, Illinois State Trooper's Lodge 41's secretary, said Monday that troopers could be earning between $6.55 and $8 an hour. State troopers earn a starting salary of $38,328 a year.

"There's some debate about which minimum wage they would use, Illinois or federal," Scholl said.

State police Lt. Scott Compton said he believes troopers would be paid the minimum wage under the federal Fair Labor Standards -- $6.55 an hour. The minimum wage pay would be retroactive from July 1 -- the first day of the new budget year, Compton said.

"We are hopeful that won't happen," Compton said. "We hope the legislators will get together and pass a budget."

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