Owner tries to give away his tanning salon for free on Craigslist

FRESNO, Calif. — Take my tanning salon ... please.

That's what Brandon Liquori of Fresno hopes someone will do. He wants to walk away from his unsuccessful tanning business -- and he's doing it in an unorthodox way.

"Does anyone want a tanning salon? I am giving away Forever Tans," Liquori's posting on the Internet classified service Craigslist began.

For the cost of taking over a lease, the prospective owner gets a tanning shop with seven private tanning booths and a room for spraying on cosmetic tanning products. Two manicurists rent space in the shop.

Liquori ran the Internet ad under the "free stuff" category last week, but removed it after a few days because it drew more curiosity seekers than serious entrepreneurs.

Liquori said he used Craigslist because "it's an easy way to get the word out for free."

And free is all he can afford.

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