Some Miami teachers to be offered jobs this week

Some of the 394 Broward teachers let go one week ago will find out this week that their layoff was short-lived.

By Thursday, the school district plans to offer jobs to between 50 and 60 teachers, according to the Broward Teachers Union. It was not clear Tuesday what positions those teachers would be offered.

Lynn Strong, associate superintendent for human resources, said her department does not yet know exactly how many teachers will be given notice this week that they have jobs. They plan to send certified letters and e-mails to educators by Thursday.

Superintendent Jim Notter had said he would try to rehire as many teachers as possible before the fall.

''We still have potential for more,'' Notter said Tuesday afternoon. He predicts the number of rehired teachers will be just under 200 by the time school starts Aug. 24.

''The key is, we have not changed one bit since the night of the School Board vote,'' Notter said. ``We're doing exactly what I said.''

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