Recession, lower gas prices attract eager ice cream truck drivers

"Turkey in the Straw" blasting from the speaker on the roof, John Paul Jones spotted two boys on bicycles chasing his ice cream truck.

After Jones handed them their treats, one of the boys admits they crossed 21st Street when they heard the siren song of the ice cream truck.

"We've been chasing it for quite a while," the boy said.

Frosty Treats, a Kansas City, Mo., company that dominates the Wichita market, is growing because of drivers such as Jones.

Frosty Treats arrived in Wichita when it bought Andy's Ice Cream in 2005 and has struggled in Wichita with turnover and underperformance.

But this year, the 18-truck operation has seen strong growth in Wichita as lower gas prices and the recession have brought out ambitious drivers eager to make a living.

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