In Fort Worth, weak economy means more animals need rescuing

When sheriff's investigators served a search warrant at Gregory W. Brinkley's property near Blum this month, they found a scene far worse then they'd imagined.

On the 86-acre plot of hilly, wooded terrain were 168 horses, 67 cattle and two llamas, many of them sick and malnourished, investigators said. Two weeks later, authorities are still trying to sort out how it happened.

"Either he didn't have the resources, or he refused to put the money that he had back into them," said investigator Clint Ward of the Hill County Sheriff’s Department.

"You can't amass animals and starve them and neglect them as far as the care and food and water they're required to have. Whatever his intentions were originally, just like the name of his ranch — that's N 2 Deep — where he was."

The Humane Society of North Texas, to which a judge awarded custody of Brinkley's animals, helped sheriff's deputies with the seizure. Now, the group is trying to line up adoptive homes for the animals, which are on a foster ranch in Grandview. About 30 horses are going to new homes so far, a society official said.

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