Here're key documents related to AIG and the bank bailout

Since last fall, the U.S. Treasury Department has funneled money to banks under the TARP program, known formally as the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The money is generally intended to bolster the financial health of banks, enabling them to lend money in their own communities. Banks receiving the money pay a dividend to the Treasury Department and will eventually pay the money back.

The attached list, updated about once a week by the Treasury Department, shows the bank (or a parent organization known as a bank holding company) and how much it received from the TARP program. The list also shows financial aid to companies such as General Motors Corp. that received money under different provisions of the TARP program. Read the document/

Here are other documents:

GAO report on AIG, March 2008

AIG's report on credit default swaps

AIG letter to Secretary Geithner regarding executive compensation

AIG Employee Contracts

AIG 2008 Employee Retention Plan