N. Carolina governor calls for eliminating more than 1,000 jobs

Gov. Beverly Perdue presented a $21 billion budget proposal Tuesday that would whack more than 1,000 jobs from state government and slice $360 million from overall state spending.

Spending would be slashed across every single category of the state budget. The state Department of Correction would be hit particularly hard with a loss of 527 jobs and a budget reduced by $68 million. Universities will lose $167 million and 73 jobs.

Perdue said the budget would eliminate 1,400 total positions, through vacant position eliminations and by only funding the jobs that are likely to be filled. Asked if anyone would lose their state job in her budget, Perdue said, "I hope not."

Perdue is proposing to raise a tax on cigarettes by $1 a pack. Other tobacco products would see a tax increase. The increases, which would take effect in September, would raise $350 million in new revenue. A new 5 percent alcohol tax would generate $158 million.

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