Ammo in short supply in Kansas as fear drives purchases

Around Wichita, the supply of ammunition — particularly for handguns — is not keeping pace with a strong demand. The demand is emptying shelves at the big discount stores and smaller shooting ranges, business owners and gun merchants say.

Despite the slumping overall economy, two Wichita indoor-shooting ranges and a Goddard gun and hunting supply store say they are doing a robust business.

Business is good, they say, because of a mix of political and economic factors.

On the political front, they say, gun owners and enthusiasts appear to be buying more guns and ammo out of concern that President Obama's administration will push for more gun control.

As a result, "Obama has sold more guns and ammunition than anybody in history," said Bill Vinduska, owner of the Bullseye Indoor Shooting Range, 1455 N. Terrace.

And Don Holman, owner of the Bullet Stop indoor shooting range, 2625 W. Pawnee, said there is an economic component. Many gun consumers seem to be concerned that in a bad economy, crime will increase, he said.

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