U.S. Steel to lay off 390 at Granite City plant

GRANITE CITY -- Most of the remaining steel workers who have been keeping the coke furnace burning at U.S. Steel Corp.-Granite City Works will soon find themselves out of work.

U.S. Steel Corp. spokesman John Armstrong said Wednesday that within the next three weeks, 390 union and nonunion workers will be temporarily cut from their jobs. The steel mill previously reported that about 400 workers remained at the metro-east mill after 1,600 of their co-workers were temporarily laid off in mid-December. Armstrong said some workers will remain working at the steel plant after the upcoming round of layoffs.

"I can't tell you how many there will be, but there will continue to be some work at the plant," Armstrong said. "I don't have a number. But by and large, a majority will be on temporarily layoff."

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