Tired of the economy? Say it with a bracelet

These days, the bad economic news is relentless: foreclosures, furloughs, buyouts, bailouts, red tags and red ink.

Getting tired of it?

So are Carrie Pollare and Dan Hoffman, Santa Monica siblings, who've created a fashion statement to fit our frustration.

It's the "I'm Tired of the Economy" bracelet. Stamped with that message, the metal-and-rubber bracelet even comes with its own "stimulus package" – a $5 instant rebate to customers who purchase the $10 bracelet online.

"The one thing that struck us was that the economy's all you hear about: poor people who have lost their homes, the banks that got us here in the first place," said Pollare, whose economy-themed bracelet debuted Feb. 3. "We are sick and tired, and we want to make a statement."

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