Obama's message shines light on national need to reach out to one another

FORT MILL -- On the first full day of the presidency of hope Wednesday, four people waited for the Fort Mill Care Center to open at 9 a.m. By late morning, the number who needed help was in the high teens.All those people received bags of food that had been donated to the center. Some needed a check to keep the lights from getting turned off. Or the heat.Keith Weathers, 43, a father of four, got groceries. He was proud to say he had never had to ask for money for the light bill. I asked Weathers what the solution is to this economic crisis that has pushed places like the Fort Mill Care Center to serve record numbers of people who are out of work, out of luck and sometimes out of hope. Volunteer Jeane Cassidy sorts donated food that came in during the holidays at the Fort Mill Care Center.

"More jobs," Weathers said.

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