Food banks getting more from federal government this year

Floyd Roland spends a lot of his time trying to find food.

The food isn't for Roland, or for his family, but for the people in Merced who don't have enough to eat. Roland is the director for Harvest Time, an organization that gives food away to the hungry. Last year, the group gave away 565,000 pounds of food, enough for more than 376,000 meals.

But this year, more people are unemployed and more people are running out of money. Roland's job is hard in the best of times -- in a county with an unemployment rate of more than 13 percent, it's almost impossible.

Roland got some help this year. About $29,000 worth of help. That's the amount that Harvest Time will get from the federal government to help feed the needy.

"This money will certainly help," Roland said. "We'll be able to buy good food with it, and we certainly needed it."

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