Jeb Bush: ‘Actively exploring’ a run for the presidency

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced Tuesday he’s “decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the United States.”

Bush, the son of president George H.W. Bush and the brother of George W. Bush, said the decision came after talks with his family over the Thanksgiving holiday and “thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership I think America needs.”

Bush, who posted the news on his Facebook page, also said he will set up a leadership political action committee to help him “facilitate conversations with citizens across America to discuss the most critical challenges facing our exceptional nation.”

The announcement comes as Bush has sprinted to the front of the Republican field in a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. The poll found that former GOP nominee Mitt Romney remains on top, with Bush a close second.

The Democratic National Committee wasted little time with Communications Director Mo Elleithee questioning Bush’s move.

“I don’t know what the difference is between ‘thinking about’running and ‘actively exploring’ running, but I suspect it has a lot to do with keeping his name in the news,” Elleithee said. “However you see it, there’s no parsing this simple fact: Jeb Bush has fully embraced the failed economic agenda that benefits only a select few at the expense of the middle class. That’s not going to change no matter how many different ways he says he may run.”