Where in the world was Hillary Clinton?

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sept. 14, 2014.
Former Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sept. 14, 2014. MCT

That’s what a pro-Hillary Clinton group hopes to show with a new interactive map that allows one to “follow Hillary Clinton’s many accomplishments as Secretary of State.”

The “Secretary Hillary Clinton World Map” is the brainchild of Correct the Record, a rapid response group affiliated with the Democratic super PAC, American Bridge.

Correct the Record says its purpose is to “defend potential Democratic presidential candidates from right-wing, baseless attacks” -- though the only “potential Democratic presidential candidate” featured on its site appears to be Clinton.

The site says the map will be promoted through the website and targeted ad buys, adding, teasingly of Clinton, “112 countries, 956,733 miles, 4 years… and that’s just the start.”

The map comes a week after the Republican National Committee to sought to knock the presumed 2016 candidate as “High-Flying Hillary,” in the wake of a Buzzfeed story that found midterm candidates paid at least $699,000 in travel costs to have Bill and Hillary Clinton campaign for them.

“Hillary Clinton traveled nearly a million miles as Secretary of State, restoring America’s leadership and standing in the world during a time of global challenges and changes,” said Adrienne Elrod, a former Clinton aide and now Correct the Record’s communications director. “To highlight her work, Correct The Record created the Secretary Hillary Clinton World Map so that Americans, sorting by country or by issue area, can follow Hillary Clinton’s footsteps and navigate her progress and accomplishments as she worked to make our world a better and safer place.”