Say hello to Danny Pink in ‘Doctor Who’

Samuel Anderson as Danny, a fellow teacher of Clara's on Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi (BBC/McClatchy)
Samuel Anderson as Danny, a fellow teacher of Clara's on Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi (BBC/McClatchy) BBC/McClatchy

There will be a new face in the TARDIS on Saturday night.

Samuel Anderson joins the new season of “Doctor Who” as Danny Pink, an ex-soldier who is now a math teacher.

Anderson describes himself as a “companion of a companion.” A fellow teacher at Coal Hill School where the official “Who” ‘companion’ Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) works, he ends up going along for the ride.

For the uninitiated, the Doctor is a Time Lord who travels in his time machine called a TARDIS, battling monsters, aliens, and everything in between.

There have been numerous incarnations of the Doctor over the 51 years of the series as new actors take over the part. The new season introduced Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.

Anderson’s opinion of his other actors: fantastic.

“Coleman is a real professional,” he says, adding that he’s amazed that she has the same level of energy at the end of the week as at the beginning.

He has really enjoyed working with Capaldi, who he says is very approachable. He also says that Capaldi is living his dream of being the Doctor, a role he has wanted from childhood.

Anderson considers Capaldi his “first Doctor” despite the fact that there have been others.

He grew up in the “Doctor Who” gap years, when it was a re-run on television. While the series started in 1963, it ended in 1989, had a single episode in 1996, and was rebooted in 2005. It has become a worldwide hit with high numbers of downloads on digital platforms, and select showings in movie theaters.

The new season, which started August 23rd, had gangbuster ratings for BBC America with over 2.5 million viewers. It was also the #1 program on cable for its time period.

The character of Danny Pink is a soldier from the modern period of the last decade. Soldiers have traveled with the Doctor in the past coming from many time periods.

To get a feeling for the character, Anderson spoke with soldiers about their experiences in the wars of the last decade and a half, after 9/11. He was struck at their youth when they first served.

“They’re young, they’re young,” he said. He tried to integrate some of their experiences into Pink.

About his character, he says Coleman describes his character, Pink, as “the perfect boyfriend.”

Anderson feels that Pink’s just “an everyday guy.”